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Traffic Management

Titanium Service - Traffic Management
Work sites, especially those on public roads, tend to cause adverse traffic conditions should there be improper or insufficient guidance and regulation. Our qualified officers ensures both the workers and road users operate and travel in a safe environment while important works are carried out at the respective work sites.

Safety & Security

Titanium Service - Safety & Security
With our own fleet of vehicles and state-of-the-art equipment, we provide effective Safety & Security Mangement Services to ensure the safety of your over-width vehicles and the public road users. Fret not, even VIP unarmed or plain-clothes escort services are available.

Security Guards

Titanium Service - Security Guards
Securing the safety of buildings/property are equally important. Our officers will ensure that the buildings/property are well guarded. Our officers are also well versed in handling emergency situation such as fire breakout.

Events / Crowd Control

Titanium Service - Events / Crowd Control
Events often take up a large section of the public road during their execution. Our officers can ensure any intervening human or vehicle traffic does not affect and delay the smooth operation/execution of your event.