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With safety and security in mind, we are committed to implementing innovative traffic and security solutions, fostering collaboration among stakeholders, and constantly improving our strategies to adapt to the changing needs with the employment of technologies.


Soaring above all, we strive to be one of the market leaders in the local market, providing traffic and security management services, with clear objectives, capable employees, a strong culture and values, efficient operating processes, an employee value proposition, and integrated technology.

Our Service Promise

Swift, Decisive, and Excellence.

Our Company

Established in 2012, Titanium Safety & Security is a security agency licensed by the Singapore Police Force. We are the pioneers of traffic management services in the security industry and have since paved the way for other security agencies to follow suit. We specialize in both traffic management and security management services.

In security management, we provide 24/7 security services. Our portfolio includes managing security operations in commercial properties, warehouses, government buildings, dormitories, and residential projects. We deploy trained, qualified, and experienced security officers on-site and maintain a ready pool of security officers for deployment.

As a value-add to our clients, we tailor our services to our clients' requests and integrate our team of outriders into our security guarding services. With our fleet of vehicles, our 'Outriders' are trained and qualified not only to perform mobile escorts and traffic control, but also cross-trained and licensed to perform security duties such as mobile patrolling, man-guarding, and quick response to incidents.

We strive to ensure the safety and security of our clients as our utmost priority.

Our Founder

Our founder, Mr. Kelvin Lim, started his career in the 1980s with the Singapore Police Force (SPF) in the Traffic Police Division. For many years, he was part of the "Anti-Hell Rider Taskforce," taking down illegal racing in Singapore. After almost two decades with the force, he embarked on a career in the construction industry. Over the next 12 years, he climbed the corporate ladder and rose to become the General Manager of a major construction company specializing in LTA projects, road works, and other construction services.

During his time in the construction business, he faced challenges when dealing with traffic control management. At the time, it was common practice to use unskilled migrant workers to perform traffic control duties. However, these workers were neither trained nor certified to perform such roles. Mr Kelvin then got himself certified in 'Traffic Control at Work Zones' conducted by LTA in 2003. When LTA amended the regulations, it became compulsory to use Auxiliary Police Officers (APO) for traffic control. However, this created another issue of having long waiting list by APO service providers which caused significant delays in road works and construction projects industry-wide.

While contemplating a solution to this issue, Mr. Kelvin was inspired to conceptualize a security agency specializing in traffic control and mobile outrider services. Thus, in 2012, "Titanium Safety & Security Pte Ltd" was formed to help reduce delays in road works projects and improve road safety and traffic control management. The name was deliberately chosen to embody the properties of the 'Titanium' metal. Mr. Kelvin envisioned the organization and its people to be 'Strong', 'Tough', 'Durable', and 'Corrosion-resistant', just like the 'Titanium' metal. At the time, Titanium started with less than 8 employees, a fleet of motorcycles, 2 minibuses, and a van. Since then, it has expanded to more than 100 employees and now owns a large fleet of vehicles. For the next decade, Titanium Safety & Security was the only private security agency specializing in traffic control and outrider services, thus dominating the industry.

In 2014, Titanium expanded into security guarding services by managing condominiums and foreign worker dormitories. Mr. Kelvin also acquired an urban-styled hipster café in Upper Thomson, which has since become a meeting point for Titanium clients. In 2015, Mr. Kelvin established Cornerstone Safety & Security as a security technology element to support Titanium Safety & Security. Despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, all of his businesses not only weathered the storm but also regained momentum and thrived once again after that.

Since his youth, Mr. Kelvin has always been a passionate motorcycle enthusiast. Now as an industry veteran, he still actively rides his Ducati motorbike on road trips to Malaysia and Thailand and continues to participate in Motor Sports Singapore (MSS) National Championships, often winning a place in the veteran category championship. Mr. Kelvin also sponsors various race teams in different races.

Mr. Kelvin has also been an active member in grassroots activities, mainly in Ang Mo Kio GRC for the past decade. He also organizes and sponsor yearly charity events for nursing homes and needy families, which were attended by ministers, grassroot leaders and religious organisations. He devotes his time to volunteering and giving back to the community while managing multiple businesses and pursuing his motorcycle passion and hobby. Despite being a serial entrepreneur and running multiple companies, Mr. Kelvin is still a 'hands-on' leader and directly involves himself in day-to-day business operations. With all his accomplishments, he now wants to "Groom the next generation to take the reins in building businesses that create positive impact to the industry, community and society."

Our officers

We are led and organized by a team of experienced personnel formerly from Singapore Police Force (Traffic Police) and civil services. Our officers are well trained and groomed to suit the requirements of a Traffic Management Officer. This is a very important factor to ensure safety and security for all.

Our officers are also equipped with body camera as part of our basic equipment. This is to ensure that our daily performance is according to the requirement and within the law. This is also to safeguard our officers from any abuse or wrong accusation while performing their duties.

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